DC Front Runners Washington, DC's LGBTQ+ Running & Walking Club



To ensure the health, safety, and well-being of Members and visitors and to conform to DC Government guidelines, the DCFRs established several measures in response to COVID-19. The DCFRs Board is committed to being responsive to Members’ interest for more events while also maintaining compliance with local guidelines on gatherings. This iterative COVID-19 policy and approach will help the club balance safety and continuity of operations, especially as conditions may change.

DCFRs developed its COVID-19 policy to comply and align with DC Government guidelines. Visit https://coronavirus.dc.gov for additional information, including guidelines for outdoor gatherings. DCFRs also considers information and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The DCFR COVID-19 Ad-Hoc Committee also uses a data-driven approach where data are analyzed to assess trends and ultimately inform decision-makers. The source of these data include: membership data, registration at events, surveys, and others. Because the COVID-19 situation is fluid, the DCFR Board reserves the right to modify its policy at any time, as conditions warrant.

Due to capacity restrictions, DCFRs is prioritizing dues-paying Members to attend events. If you are not yet a Member, check out https://dcfrontrunners.org/membership/ on how to join.

Although DC Government raised the capacity for outdoor gatherings from 25 to 50, the DCFRs gives itself a buffer to reserve a few spaces for elected Board members to attend and in the event of unexpected attendees. We remind everyone that pre-registration is still required. This 40-person capacity limitation is subject to change based on responses from the COVID-19 survey or if the DCFR Board determines it is in the interest of the club to modify such capacity limitation.

At this time, the DCFRs does not have a set timeframe when it anticipates opening up events to non-Members. The DCFR COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee regularly monitors DC Government’s guidance on gatherings so stay tuned for any updates! Non-Members can visit https://dcfrontrunners.org/membership/ for more information on how to become a Member!


Members receive an email 8am on the Monday of the week of events. Members may register for events following the hyperlinks and instructions in that email.

Check your spam folder to ensure that DCFR emails are not filtered to your spam folder(s). If you are still not receiving emails, reach out to us at membership@dcfrontrunners.org.

If you are waitlisted for an event, we encourage you to monitor the event a few hours before the event start time. There may be some last-minute cancelations and waitlisted members are moved to the confirmed spaces based on order of registration. Members who have been removed from the waitlist should receive an automated email indicating they have been removed from the waitlist.

If it is nearing to the event start time and you are still waitlisted, we ask that you refrain from attending so that the DCFRs can maintain its capacity limits. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working diligently to ensure Members have an opportunity to participate!

Members who are unable to attend an event must cancel their registration before the start time. This is to allow waitlisted individuals an opportunity to attend an event. If you are having technical difficulties on canceling your registration, please contact Rene T. immediately at walkers@dcfrontrunners.org.

If you are confirmed to attend an event, to cancel your registration, check your confirmation email where you should see a link “Registration Details Page”. Follow the links on the webpage to cancel your registration.

If you are waitlisted and wish to be removed from the waitlist, check the email from DCFRs that you received after being notified that you are waitlisted. Log in to your DCFR profile and follow the instructions to cancel your registration.

Safety Measures

The DCFRs requires attendees to wear masks before/after runs or walks and when they are unable to maintain six feet apart from others. The DCFRs also requires attendees to observe social distancing guidelines and to maintain a six-foot distance from others. Attendees must also depart the gathering location upon completion of the event.

PPE such as face masks and hand sanitizers are generally unavailable during events. If you need a face mask for a DCFR event, please make proper arrangements prior to the event by contacting walkers@dcfrontrunners.org. If you need hand sanitizer before or after an event, there are several stores nearby.

No. At this time, DCFRs is pausing the storing of bags and personal items and having a bag watcher at in-person events. We encourage attendees to bring items only that they can carry on their person during a walk or run.

The DCFRs follows DC Government guidelines on the wearing of face masks. According to DC Government, wearing of face masks is not required a person is engaged in vigorous outdoor exercise and is maintaining social distance of at least six feet from other persons.