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About this Website

This version of the DC Front Runners website was released in 2020. Any questions or comments about the club’s website or social media policy should be directed to the club’s webmaster.

This website uses HTTPS secure protocol to encrypt and authenticate all data transmitted to and received from site visitors. Older browsers may experience problems. Please update your browser to the most recent version to use this website.

Primary photographs used on website pages courtesy of Norman Reich, Astrid Riecken, Marcel Acosta, Joe Sangillo, Socrates Tiglao, Justin Fritscher, Jeff Gonzalez, and Shawn Lo. Brian Beary prepared the club’s 35th-anniversary timeline and accompanying article. Seth Kalish prepared the running route maps, and certain graphics used on this website and on the club’s various social media platforms. J Ford Huffman designed the club’s logotype. Norman Reich designed and developed this edition of the DC Front Runners website.

Website Disclaimer and Legal Information

This site is provided as a service to prospective and current members of the DC Front Runners club (“the Club”). The information provided on this site may not be used for commercial or other purposes than personal information and communication. If any images used on this site have prior copyrights, then they will be removed upon request of such action by the copyright holder.

Any comments or suggestions may be directed to the Webmaster or any Officer of the club. Visit our About Us page for more information.

DC Front Runners Privacy Policy

Adopted by the DC Front Runners Board, May 2007, Amended March 2017

The Club may use your full name and/or image in our website, electronic newsletter, and Club promotional materials, all of which are, or may be, made available to the general public. Other personal information such as your address, phone number(s), e-mail address, birthday, and anniversary are used for official club business, such as event announcements, club membership directories, race circuit scoring, emergency contacts, and special mailings. This information will only be made available to our club members and not the general public unless you grant permission.

Continue reading for complete details about your privacy and your opt-out options.

Privacy Policy for Non-members

Website – We do not collect any information about you without your knowledge. If you choose to provide us with information via one of our online forms, or e-mail, that information will be used only to respond to you. Any information you provide will not be shared with any other organizations, or anyone outside the Club and its affiliate, the DC Front Runners Pride Run Foundation. We do not maintain lists of any personal information for marketing or sale, and we will only send you information or materials that you request. If you choose to join the Club, the Privacy Policy for Members will govern use of your personal information.

Privacy Policy for Members

Electronic Newsletter and Website – Announcements and articles concerning individual members (e.g., race times) will use their full names. Club photographs may include your image, and your full name in the caption. You must notify the Membership Coordinator if you do not want this information to be included in the newsletter and/or on the website.

Website Only – If you wish to have any specific information or images removed from this site, please contact the Webmaster.

Member Database and Directory – Members’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays, and e-mail addresses will be included in a database that is made available to the Club’s Officers. A club membership directory containing this information may be distributed only to current DCFR members in printed or electronic form. You must notify the Membership Coordinator if you do not consent to this.

Club Promotional Materials – Club event and race photos used in publicly disseminated promotional materials (e.g., flyers, brochures and posters) may include your image. Please inform the Membership Coordinator if you do not want your image or name used in these materials.

Weekly E-mail Blast – All members who provide an email address will receive a weekly e-mail with club updates/announcements. Contact the Membership Coordinator at [email protected] or opt out on our electronic membership form if you do not want to receive these e-mails.

Other member opt-out requests must be made in writing to the appropriate Officer (e-mail is acceptable), the electronic membership form, or via the Contact Us form on this website. Any comments or suggestions may be directed to the webmaster or any Officer of the club. Visit our About Us page for more information.

DC Front Runners Social Media Guidance

Adopted by the DC Front Runners Board, December 2016
Amended January 2019

Background: The DC Front Runners (DCFR) uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to engage and inform members. Facebook is the primary platform with Twitter and Instagram as supporting platforms. Social media platforms are among the DCFR’s most important communications tools; others include announcement at runs, the eNews and the website.

Goals: The DCFR uses social media to: 1) increase membership and participation; and to improve member engagement, satisfaction and awareness.

How DCFR Uses Platforms:

  • Facebook – Sharing information, announcements and photos; Using Facebook Events for holiday runs, happy hours, gatherings and other events; Using Facebook Groups for special committees and projects.
  • Twitter – Sharing information, announcements and photos. Information and announcements primary.
  • Instagram – Sharing information, announcements and photos. Photos primary.


Posting: Board members are encouraged to use social media to communicate to DCFR members (i.e. co-race director posts about fun runs and race circuit). Board members are encouraged to not only use Facebook but also cross-post to Twitter or Instagram platforms. Board members must be mindful that posts on Instagram and Twitter come from the DCFR and should be representative of the organization.

Post Approval: The DCFR Facebook community enables members to post, pending the approval of board members. The Coordinator will designate certain Board members to monitor and review these posts for appropriateness and to ensure it follows the policy.

The Coordinator and/or designated Board members reserve the right and discretion to defer, remove, or reject member and non-member posts in order to grant priority to official club announcements, club-sponsored events, and critical business matters.


This is a forum for the members of the DC Front Runners, and we encourage members to use to share information and thoughts about the DC Front Runners, running and walking, and other closely-related LGBT sports activities. All posts must adhere to the DCFR’s social media guidelines:

  • We cannot allow graphic, obscene, explicit or racial comments or submissions, nor do we allow posts and comments that violate the club’s official anti-harassment and sportsmanship policies.
  • We will not allow solicitations, advertisements or political posts. This includes promotion or endorsement of any political candidate, financial, commercial, or non-governmental agency.
  • We do not allow comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity.
  • You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, your username and any information provided.
  • All social media posts and comments should directly relate to the club’s LGBTQ running and walking mission. Members and non-members should post non-DC Front Runners related matters to their personal social media account(s) and avoid over-posting and unrelated commenting on the club’s accounts.
  • If your message does not abide by these guidelines, it will be removed or rejected at the discretion of the Coordinator and/or designated board members. The Board is not obligated to inform the originator that the post or comment has been rejected or removed nor is the decision appealable.
  • If guidelines are violated, the Coordinator and/or designated Board members reserve the right to recommend, for cause, removal of dues-paying members from our social media accounts, and/or take further action, following the process delineated in the club’s adopted Reporting Policy Violations and Anti-Retaliation Policy.
  • The Coordinator and/or designated Board members reserve the right to reject, block, or remove non-dues paying members from our social media accounts for any reason without need for explanation.

Also, the appearance of external links on this site does not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the DC Front Runners.

To report a possible violation of this, or any of the Organization’s policies, please see the Reporting Policy Violations and Anti-Retaliation Policy.