DC Front Runners Washington, DC's LGBTQ+ Running & Walking Club


Amended and Restated
By-Laws of the DC Front Runners
Dated: September 23, 2017

Adopted: January 18, 1984
Amended: September 24, 1989
September 19, 1991
August 20, 1992
Xxx, yy, 1994 [missing amendment]
Amended & Restated: May 3, 2009
Amended: July 12, 2009
Amended: January 31, 2010
Amended: March 5, 2017
Amended & Restated: September 23, 2017

​Article I. – Name

​A. The name of this club shall be the DC Front Runners (hereinafter referred to as DCFR or the “Club”).

​Article II. – Purpose

​A. The purpose of the Club is to encourage and support Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered persons in the Washington, DC area who are interested in running and walking.

​B. In pursuit of this goal, the Club will hold regularly scheduled running and walking events, encourage participation in competitive events, organize social gatherings, and conduct other related activities alone and in cooperation with other groups.

​Article III. – Membership

​A. The only requirement for membership is the payment of dues. Membership is open to all who wish to join regardless of ability, physical condition, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, age, race, religion, ethnic background or nationality.

​B. Membership shall be for a twelve-month period from the receipt of the membership fee.

​C. Benefits of membership include the fellowship of the Club, participation in Club business and events, voting, eligibility to hold office, and receipt of Club correspondence.

​Article IV. – Governance

​A. DCFR is governed by its members and operates by consensus. To facilitate the ongoing business of the Club, members will elect a Board. The Board is elected to serve the interests of the Club and its members, not to dominate or dictate.

​The Board will:

  1. ​Conduct the day-to-day business of the Club, including oversight of all Club matters
  2. Hold meetings as necessary, but no fewer than 8 meetings per year
  3. Review and Approve financial expenditures, monthly/quarterly financial reports of DCFR and Pride Run
  4. Establish a non-voting ad-hoc Advisory Committee at the beginning of each board term. The Advisory Committee would serve an advisory role to the Board and participate in legal and financial decisions as needed by the Board.

B. The DCFR Board will consist of officers elected by the Club (Elected Officers) and officers appointed (Appointed Officers) by the Elected Board.

​C. The following officers, with the listed major responsibilities, will be elected for a one-year term, with no limit on the number of terms an officer may serve. Terms of Elected Officers begin as soon as election results are presented to the Club at the Anniversary Party. Please refer to the Board Handbook for more complete and detailed descriptions of officer responsibilities.

a. Coordinator:

  1. ​Serve as the chief administrator for the Club and the Chair of the DCFR Board, convening over Club and board meetings as required, and appointing committees as required for special events and issues.
  2. Represent and speak for the Club to outside organizations.
  3. Approve financial expenditures of $500 or less in consultation with the Treasurer.
  4. Delegate and assign duties as necessary to assure Club business is accomplished.
  5. Serve as a signatory for DCFR bank accounts.

b. Treasurer:

  1. Administer the Club’s financial affairs, providing financial reports to the DCFR Board during regular board meetings.
  2. Collect, record, keep, and expend DCFR funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  3. Approve financial expenditures of $500 or less in consultation with the Coordinator.
  4. Serve as a signatory for DCFR bank accounts.

c. Secretary:

  1. Record, prepare, and disseminate minutes for DCFR Board meetings.
  2. Preserve all records, reports, and official documents of DCFR.
  3. Serve as governance officer during official club business.

d. Race Director(s):

  1. Schedule running events for the Club.
  2. Develop and maintain the DCFR Race Circuit with input from Club members and prepare and compile results from DCFR Race Circuit.
  3. Prepare and present Race Circuit and other awards at the Anniversary Party.

e. Outreach/Social Coordinators (Male and Female):

  1. Female outreach coordinator will represent DCFR to outside groups and reach out to increase female membership, while male outreach coordinator will represent DCFR to outside groups and reach out to increase male membership.
  2. Support membership drives, Pride activities, and other special events with appropriate outreach activities.
  3. Assume primary responsibility for Club social activities.

f. Walking Coordinator:

  1. Schedule walking events for the Club.
  2. Develop the DCFR Walking Circuit with input from Club members.

D. Appointed Officers serve at the pleasure of the Elected Board. Their primary purpose is to support the Club and the Board by handling specific functions related to the Club’s business. Appointed members are encouraged to attend meetings as needed, but are non-voting members of the Board. The Elected Board is encouraged to review the number, responsibilities and designation of Appointed Officers within 30 days of each election. Appointed officers serve for a one-year term or as needed by the Elected Board.

​Examples of Appointed Officers are as follows:

  1. ​Apparel Coordinator
  2. Membership Coordinator
  3. Webmaster
  4. Newsletter Editor

​E. The Coordinator may establish committees as necessary to carry out special tasks. Committee chairs shall report to the DCFR Board as requested and as applicable, adhere to established budgetary guidance, including financial reporting. Committee decisions are subject to approval by the Board.

​Article V. – Elections and Vacancies

​A. Elections for Elected Officers will be held annually each year (July – September timeframe). Elections will be presided over by an Election Committee composed of at least three members in good standing who are not seeking elected office. The Election Committee shall select a chair upon organization.

​B. Nominations for Elected Officer positions will be solicited from the DCFR membership 30 days prior to the election. The nomination period will be open for 14 days. The slate of candidates will be announced, including candidates for both contested and uncontested positions, and members in good standing will have 14 days to cast their votes. Voting will be conducted electronically when possible.

​C. The Election Committee will announce the election results at the Anniversary Party and will not disclose the results prior.

​D. If a vacancy on the DCFR Board occurs, the Board may appoint a member of the Club in good standing to fill the vacancy in an interim capacity as soon as possible after it occurs until a permanent member is identified to fill the position, no later than 60 days following the vacancy. Officers who obtain their position because of a vacancy will serve until the next annual election.

Article VI. – Amendments of By-Laws

A. These By-Laws may be changed or amended by the Club.

​B. The Board may make minor, clarifying administrative changes to the By-Laws as necessary without submitting those changes to the Club at large.

​C. Significant changes which fundamentally change the operation of the Club must be presented to the Club for comment and vote. A majority of those who vote must approve the changes.

Article VII. – Quorum and Voting

A. At DCFR Board meetings, a simple majority of elected officers shall constitute a quorum. The quorum may be established through attendance, by proxy, or through electronic communications.

​B. Every act approved or decision made by a simple majority of the elected officers in attendance (or through proxy or electronic communications) shall be a valid act and decision of the Board.

​C. Without a quorum, the Board may meet to discuss Club business, but shall not make decisions regarding significant issues or expense of funds over $500.

Article VIII. – Dissolution

​A. In case of dissolution, DC Front Runners’ assets will be donated to gay-related charities as approved by a vote of the Club members.

Article IX – Prior By-Laws

A. These Amended and Restated By-Laws replace and supersede all prior By-Laws and amendments enacted by the Club in the past.