DC Front Runners Washington, DC's LGBTQ+ Running & Walking Club

Board of Directors

Elected Members

NORMAN REICH, Club Coordinator
JAY ADAMS., Walking Coordinator
MATT WELSHANS, Secretary and Archivist
JEREMY GARRETT, Race Co-Director
JOSH SPENCER, Race Co-Director
VICTOR SALINAS, Men’s Outreach Coordinator
GWEN UMBACH, Women’s Outreach Coordinator

Appointed Members

MATT PRIEBE, eNews Editor
JON LUTZ, Membership Engagement Coordinator
TREVOR LALONDE, Apparel Coordinator
MICHAEL LUSSIER, Co-Team DC Representative
MATT YANDRICK, Co-Team DC Representative
BRAD MILLER, Social Media
NED BAKER, Social Media

Elected Member Bios

Norman Reich
Club Coordinator

Norman Reich started running in April 2015, and a few weeks later set his goal at completing the 40th Marine Corps Marathon that fall. Goal achieved! As of January 2020 he has completed 11 marathons, 1 ultra-marathon, and over 135 races total. His first DC Front Runner event was the party following the first marathon, and the friendliness of fellow runners is what kept him coming back. The DC Front Runner family has given a lot to him, and he would love to continue to give back everything he can.  He served as the Race Co-Director from September 2017 through February 2022, using his knowledge of previous race circuits and from his love of running to try to make the running and racing experience the best he can for all members.  As of February 2022 he is the Coordinator, and hopes to serve the group to help everyone enjoy running and the DC Front Runners as much as he does.

Jay Adams
Walking Coordinator

Jay joined the walking group in November 2020. Meeting other walkers was the first social outlet he experienced since moving back to the U.S. after having lived for more than 25 years in Germany. He was inspired to see people start coming back to group events after so many months of isolation during the pandemic.

Not being much of a runner, Jay is grateful that DCFR also has a walking group. What surprises him most is when talking about the walking group in his other social circles, people say that they had no idea DCFR had a walking group! Jay hopes to raise awareness and spark more interest for those wishing to join.

In his short time being involved with the group, Jay has seen people join and then become enthused to start running. He enjoys being a part of a diverse group whose purpose is to help others keep fit, at any level of experience. Jay finds the walks an integral part of his life in DC. Participation in the walks is the gateway to making new friends and to be of service in other DCFR organized events.

Tim Harrington

Tim relocated to DC from Boston in January 2022 when his husband Ben started a new job here. Tim works remotely as the Controller at a Boston-based private equity firm. He is a CPA in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As a newcomer, Tim joined DC Front Runners in February 2022 to pair running with the social aspect of the group. Tim originally started running in high school with the cross country team and has run recreationally since then. Since joining the group, he has enjoyed being introduced to new running routes and meeting members of the group. Tim looks forward to using his professional background in finance and accounting to serve the board in the Treasurer capacity.

Matt Welshans
Secretary & Archivist

Matt hails from the farmlands of north-central Pennsylvania and moved to northern Virginia in 2014. After running his first 5K in the area, the Arlington 9/11 5K, he found the group and was quickly welcomed with open arms. He joined to become a better runner and has run countless 5Ks and 10Ks, several half marathons, and his first full marathon with the encouragement and support from DCFR while building lifelong friendships. Matt returns to the DC Front Runners Board after serving as Secretary/Archivist from 2015-2018 and serving on the DC Front Runners Pride Run Foundation Board from 2018 to 2021. His goal on the DCFR board is to continue to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all members.

Jeremy Garrett
Co-Race Director

Jeremy has been a member of DC Front Runners since 2011 and served in several different roles including Membership Engagement, Co-Track Coach for the DC Front Runners Track Program, and most recently as Co-Race Director on the 2020-2021 Board.   Jeremy is excited to serve another term as Co-Race Director!   He looks forward to supporting and encouraging members with their races goals and overall experiences with the club.   Jeremy attends most weekly runs and enjoys meeting new members.   In his free time, Jeremy often travels and has run marathons in several different destinations.   

Josh Spencer
Co-Race Director

Josh moved to Maryland in 2018 from the Midwest where he grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and lived in South Bend, Indiana for a few years. He started running in 2010 and was inspired by runners in a South Bend run group to run 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, and 25Ks. Over time, he progressed to marathons. He found that running groups were a great motivator to set running goals and to pick up tips on how to successfully complete 26.2 miles. Josh joined DC Front Runners in February 2020 for inspiration to get out and maintain his run streak. DC Front Runners has been a great motivation to Josh to sign up for races and marathons. He’s enjoyed running with the DCFR and meeting new people. Josh says, “It is a great way of getting in training miles for my upcoming marathon.” He has a goal of completing a marathon in each U.S. state. He enjoys participating in road races, and says they serve as inspiration to get in training miles. As DCFR Race Director, he would encourage members to sign up for races, set goals, and experience the excitement of participating in a road race.

Victor Salinas
Men's Outreach Coordinator

Victor joined DC Front Runners in 2021. Ever since that first run, it's been a life changer! DCFR helped him get back to running more seriously. It also helped him find a new family of friends, all with different life stories, backgrounds, and interests. Victor discovered a safe place where he can be himself and this is exactly what he wants to help new runners feel and current members to remember. He’s looking forward to not only continuing the great work the Board has done but also adding to it with new ideas for runs and social events. Victor wants everybody to feel as happy and welcome as he does when they run with us!

Gwen Umbach
Women's Outreach Coordinator

Gwen says, “When I joined DC Front Runners in October 2021, I was hoping to get into a more regular running routine, but the community and friendship I found here quickly became as important as the exercise.” DCFR members showed Gwen a warm welcome from her very first day, and she wants to build on the work of past Women's Outreach Coordinators to make sure each new member feels that welcoming atmosphere.

Gwen also looks forward to working with other board members to organize social and running and walking events that bring members together and encourage women and enby participation in the club. One of her favorite things about DCFR is that runners and walkers of all levels are welcome. This is something she wants to emphasize for new and potential members, helping to bring in people who might not have tried DCFR otherwise.


Appointed Member Bios

Matthew Priebe
eNews & Communications

I joined DC Front Runners in 2013, after the Navy stationed me in DC. It is an amazing group, and I have built many great friendships through it. I have a love/hate relationship with marathons and have completed races in the US, Germany, Greece, Djibouti, Afghanistan, and Diego Garcia. I’ve spent the last couple of years living in Europe, but I’m excited to be moving back to DC and spending more time with the DC Front Runners.

Jon Lutz
Engagement Coordinator

Jon is a Northern Virginia native and joined the DC Front Runners in 2016.  Since joining the DC Front Runners, Jon has cultivated many friendships in the club and completed eight full marathons in the process.  For several years he was active with the Pride Run committee.  Most recently for the club, he was the former Walking Coordinator.

Michael Lussier
Co-Team DC Liaison

Greetings Everyone! I joined the club in 2022 after meeting an enthusiastic gaggle of DC Front Runners upon finishing the Cherry Blossom Festival 10 Miler! The community was immediately friendly, charismatic, and supportive. I felt right at home on my first day running with them. With their support, I was able to complete my first marathon this Fall and am looking forward to many more events with the DC Front Runners! I have been a die-hard Clemson Football fan since 2007, and look forward to bringing that same passion and sense of community with me to this role!

Matt Yandrick
Co-Team DC Liaison

I joined DC Front Runners in 2018, when I moved to DC and was looking for a running club. I love exploring new running routes as well as classic ones, like the Union Station/ National Mall in the winter! Besides the running, I enjoy attending the club's social events and handing water out at race stops. Outside of running you could find me with a volleyball or tennis racket or growing basil. As the Team DC liaison, I hope to promote many of the Team DC events, such as the Pride Night OUTs with the local pro sports teams.

Trevor Lalonde
Apparel Coordinator

Hello DC Front Runners, my name is Trevor Lalonde and I am your new Apparel Coordinator! I have been running for many years; on and off since middle school and have been a member of Frontrunners for the past couple of years. Running is what I look forward to on most days. Sometimes it is my alone time, phone on do not disturb and Spotify jamming, other days it's a social activity with you all. This sport has become an integral part of my fitness and I am so grateful for the community I have found through this sport here in DC. I look forward to getting many more miles in with you all!

Brad Miller
Social Media

I joined DC Front Runners in Fall of 2017 after finishing graduate school. I am so grateful for DCFR for giving me a community of friends and a type of exercise that I actually enjoy. This is my first time taking a position on the DCFR board and I am excited to help promote the club’s activities through social media.

Ned Baker
Social Media

Ned first learned of the club from the Capital Pride Parade and annual Pride 5K. Once he finally joined up in 2014, he wondered what took him so long! Shortly thereafter he joined the group’s Pride Dance Troupe, and looks forward to this every [other] year. Ned is thankful for the great friends he’s made through the club’s welcoming atmosphere, diverse membership, and shared commitment to wellbeing. And though his running has improved and inspired several 10-mile races and half marathons, he’s yet to tackle his first full marathon…maybe next year!