DC Front Runners Washington, DC's LGBTQ+ Running & Walking Club

Board of Directors

Elected Members

BRANDON WILLIAMS, Club Coordinator
JON LUTZ., Walking Coordinator
JONATHAN D, Secretary and Archivist
NORMAN REICH, Race Co-Director
JEREMY GARRETT, Race Co-Director
TYLER CALDWELL, Men’s Outreach Coordinator
LINDSAY CEJKA, Women’s Outreach Coordinator

Appointed Members

TBD, Membership
MATTHEW PRIEBE, eNews Editor and Communications
TBD, Apparel Coordinator

Elected Member Bios

Brandon Williams
Club Coordinator

I joined DC Front Runners in 2018. Since joining, the club has become an integral part of my life transitioning from South Carolina to DC. The DCFR club was my gateway to settling into DC. From monthly happy hours, spring track program, the Pride Run, and other club gatherings, I was able to make DC home. I am able to do a healthy activity I enjoy, and at the same time I have made wonderful friendships that have turned into my DC family. As DC Frontrunner Coordinator, I want everyone, current and future members, to feel the same way about DCFR as I do. I want to make lasting connections between members and the community. I look forward to seeing everyone at a run!

Jon Lutz
Walking Coordinator

Jon is a Northern Virginia native and has been a member of the DC Front Runners for over 5 years.  In 2015 he lost over 100 lbs. and decided he needed to start running/walking to keep the weight off.   Since joining the DC Front Runners, he has cultivated many friendships in the club and completed eight full marathons in the process.  He served for several years on the Pride Run committee.  He has also served as a new runner/walker ambassador. The DC Front Runners has changed his life in many ways.

Christopher Surfield

Chris picked up running as a way to destress while in grad school. It was just a casual ‘I’ll go out and run and see what happens’ kind of thing. He joined the DC Front Runners in 2019 after moving to DC from Michigan. The group has helped him up his running game. It also gave him a break from number crunching and the opportunity to meet lots of new folks. One of the things Chris likes best about the DCFR is the mix of folks who come, run, and socialize afterwards. He looks forward to working with the DCFR Board and members to have the same positive experiences that he has had.  

Jonathan D
Secretary & Archivist
Norman Reich
Co-Race Director

Norman Reich started running in April 2015, and a few weeks later set his goal at completing the 40th Marine Corps Marathon that fall. Goal achieved! As of January 2020 he has completed 11 marathons, 1 ultra-marathon, and over 135 races total. His first DC Front Runner event was the party following the first marathon, and the friendliness of fellow runners is what kept him coming back. The DC Front Runner family has given a lot to him, and he would love to continue to give back everything he can.  He has served as the Race Co-Director since September 2017, using his knowledge of previous race circuits and from his love of running to try to make the running and racing experience the best he can for all members.

Jeremy Garrett
Co-Race Director

Jeremy has been a member of DC Front Runners since 2011 and served in several different roles including Membership Engagement, Co-Track Coach for the DC Front Runners Track Program, and most recently as Co-Race Director on the 2020-2021 Board.   Jeremy is excited to serve another term as Co-Race Director!   He looks forward to supporting and encouraging members with their races goals and overall experiences with the club.   Jeremy attends most weekly runs and enjoys meeting new members.   In his free time, Jeremy often travels and has run marathons in several different destinations.   

Tyler Caldwell
Men's Outreach Coordinator
Lindsay Cejka
Women's Outreach Coordinator

Appointed Member Bios

Matthew Priebe
eNews & Communications

I joined DC Front Runners in 2013, after the Navy stationed me in DC. It is an amazing group, and I have built many great friendships through it. I have a love/hate relationship with marathons and have completed races in the US, Germany, Greece, Djibouti, Afghanistan, and Diego Garcia. I’ve spent the last couple of years living in Europe, but I’m excited to be moving back to DC and spending more time with the DC Front Runners.

Apparel Coordinator