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Race Circuit Rules

About the Race Circuit

The DC Front Runners Race Circuit is intended to encourage racing and friendly competition among members of DCFR.  Participants are scored based on performances in selected races (adjusted for age and gender using the Masters Age-Graded Tables from the World Association of Veteran Athletes) and ranked based on their total scores over the period of one Race Circuit Year. 

Race Circuit Rules

  1. ​Runners must finish SIX races within the Race Circuit year to complete the DCFR Race Circuit.
  2. FIVE of the races must be Circuit races (i.e. races from the Race Circuit Calendar).  The sixth race may be a race of choice or another Circuit race.
  3. Runners may substitute ONE Circuit race with any marathon (26.2 miles) of choice.
  4. Runners must submit race results and required information on the DC Front Runner Race Results Submission Form.  Races not submitted through this form will not be counted toward a runner’s total score or announced during Fun Runs or in the eNews.
  5. Runners are expected to adhere to the DCFR Sportsmanship Policy and demonstrate an appropriate level of respect toward teammates, competitors, race volunteers, race officials and spectators, abide by official race rules and local, state, and federal laws, and engage in ethical behavior and fair competition.
  6. The following behaviors will result in removal of a runner’s race result from the DCFR Race Results database and possibly a long-term ban from the DCFR Race Circuit:
    • “cutting the course” (intentionally omitting portions of the course during the race)
    • using a “bib mule” (having a faster runner participate in their stead and then claiming the result as their own)
    • intentionally providing a false race result
    • using performance-enhancing drugs
    • knowingly assisting another runner in such acts

Race Circuit Scoring

Scores for individual race times will be based on the Masters Age-Graded Tables from the World Association of Veteran Athletes.  A runner’s race time will be divided into the standard for their age and gender to derive an age-graded score that will then be used to award points.

A runner’s total Race Circuit score will equal whichever of the following is largest:

  • the sum of the age-graded scores for the BEST OF 4 Circuit races + BEST race of choice + BEST marathon of choice OR 
  • the sum of the age-graded scores for the BEST OF 5 Circuit races + BEST race of choice OR 
  • the sum of the age-graded scores for the BEST OF 6 Circuit races

The standings and point totals will change after more races are run. As runners achieve the six- race requirement, they will be added to the standings.

Scores for races 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) in length or longer will receive bonus weightings as follows:

  • 15K races and 10-milers will be weighted at 1.02 times the age-graded score
  • 20K races and half-marathons will be weighted at 1.05 times the age-graded score
  • 25K and 30K races will be weighted at 1.06 times the age-graded score
  • Full marathons will be weighted at 1.10 times the age-graded score
  • 50K races will be weighted at 1.12 times the age-graded score

Please see the USA Track and Field Association Masters website for more information about age-graded scoring.

End of Year Awards

A certificate of participation will be awarded to all who have completed the Race Circuit at the DCFR Anniversary Party in September.  The following additional awards will also be presented:

  • An Overachiever Award will be given to those who complete TWELVE or more races during the Race Circuit year (NOTE: a runner does not need to have completed the Race Circuit to be eligible for this award).
  • A Best Newcomer Award will be given to the highest-placing first-time Race Circuit finisher.
  • A Most Improved Award will be given to the runner whose total Race Circuit Score increased by the largest percentage compared to last year’s total score.