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Member Profile – Maryann Krayer

Preferred Name: Maryann
Profession: School Psychologist, Charles County Public Schools
Education: Master’s Degrees, Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, and Business Administration
Member Since: 1990
Favorite Route: C&O Canal
Bet You Didn’t Know: Maryann Krayer was the first Woman Coordinator for the club from 1994-96

Maryann Krayer was the first Woman Coordinator for the club from 1994-96. She joined in 1990 after hearing from a good friend there was a Gay & Lesbian running group. Maryann thought this would be a good place for her to meet others like herself. She found that and more. Great comraderie and wonderful friends.

Maryann got the taste for marathons after she ran the last 6.2 miles of the 1990 Marine Corps with old time member, Richard (aka Rick) Blanchette. Inspired by Rick and other DCFR members, Maryann started running races, including 11 marathons and numerous 5ks, 10k’s, 10 milers, and half marathons. Her favorite marthons included the Vermont City Marathon, the NYC marathon, and the Avenue of the Giants that’s staged in the Redwood forest in northern California. She and another DCFR member, Kevin Green, ran both the NYC and the redwoods marathons together. Other favorites included the Down & Dirty series run on the Marine Corps base at Quantico, VA and the Williamsburg half marathon. She says her favorite running and walking route is the C&O Canal. Although she doesn’t run many races anymore, Maryann walks at least 3 times a week.

Krayer has three Master’s Degrees, in Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, and Business Administration. She has worked for Charles County Public Schools as a school psychologist for the past 19 years. Maryann likes to sing, paint, garden, and play the ukulele and guitar in her spare time.

She and her wife, Susan Messina, have been together since 1991 and were legally married in 2013. They have a lovely daughter, Clare, now age 20 who is in college.