DC Front Runners Washington, DC's LGBTQ+ Running & Walking Club

Member Profile – Catherine Kozub

Preferred Name: Catherine Kozub
Profession: Immigration Paralegal
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from the University of Maryland.
Member Since: 2017
Favorite Route: Rock Creek Park because even if I’m running alone, I always end up greeting other club members at various points on the course due to it being an out-and-back route. I also like seeing the change in the colors of the leaves during the summer to fall seasons, and seeing the water.
Bet You Didn’t Know: I have learned to play 7 musical instruments.

Why did you join the DC Front Runners?

I was looking for a running club to meet new people and experience the team aspect of running. I saw the track program mentioned on the DCFR website and figured that it would be a good way to get started with the club. I proceeded to join the club and sign up for the track program but due to an injury I never made it to a track workout. I was a member for about 3 months before I attended my first run.

Why is the DC Front Runners important to you?

It’s been wonderful meeting and getting to know people who I otherwise would not have met. I feel like I’m a part of team, only without some of the pressures that can come with being on a competitive team; club members support each other and share a common interest. I’ve enjoyed the post-run and post-race socializing, and the annual parties.

Do you have a favorite memory or story from the DC Front Runners?

Holiday Party 2019 – I had so much fun dancing and didn’t want to stop.

What was your first race ever? And your favorite race?

My first race ever was a 2 mile cross country race when I was on my middle school’s cross country team in 7th grade. At one point I took more than 20 years off from training and regular racing. My first race back was the Bright Beginnings 5K in 2017. My favorite race is the annual DC Front Runners Pride Run because it’s a joyous event that many club members and other members of the LGBTQ+ community attend, it’s an evening race, the weather is warm, and it’s fun watching the dance troupe perform after the race.

What are your non-running hobbies?

Swimming, playing the trumpet, and composing music.