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Member Profile – Diego L

Preferred Name: Diego L
Education: Statistician and Psychologist, Columbia University.
Member Since: November 2019
Favorite Route: Fletcher’s Boathouse and Massachusetts Avenue.
Bet You Didn’t Know: I have been in all world regions and continents, except for Antarctica. I am planning to travel to the Patagonia and go from there on a ferry to Antarctica.

Meet Diego L

Why did you join the DC Front Runners?

A colleague from work knew I enjoyed running, so he invited me to join the DC Front Runners. At some point, I accepted his invitation and joined the club. After my first run, I decided to continue attending because many runners were very welcoming!

Why is the DC Front Runners important to you?

DCFR has the right mix of fitness and social activities; for me, it has been a great place to meet avid runners and friends outside of work! I am also very grateful for the members who allocate some of their time to make the DCFR work! Thank you all!

What are your non-running hobbies?

I also enjoy going on long rides on my bike, particularly in the summer. Lately, I have been exploring my creativity by doing some pottery.