DC Front Runners Washington, DC's LGBTQ+ Running & Walking Club

Member Profile – Lisa Black

Preferred Name: Lisa
Profession: Project Manager
Education: MBA, B.S. Chemistry, and Certified Scrum Product Owner certification (CSPO)
Member Since: 2017
Favorite Route: Tuesday night Union Station route
Bet You Didn’t Know: I play the viola and can dance salsa

Why did you join the DC Front Runners?

I stopped running when I started grad school. It was just too much working full time at a job with lots of travel and going to school full time. After graduation I was looking for a running group to join. After visiting several, I picked DCFR because I felt the best connection. I’ve been a member ever since.

Why is the DC Front Runners important to you?

I love DCFR! Its full of great people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. From Cletus dressing me for Ms. Adams Morgan to me applying Socrates’s makeup for the high heel race, Front Runners has definitely made my life more fun!

Do you have a favorite memory or story from the DC Front Runners?

My favorite memory is working my first Rock’n Roll Race water stop. It was so cold that not only did the water freeze, but also the Krispy Kreme donuts Rich brought. Despite the fact we were all freezing, the energy and jokes from fellow Front Runners kept us going. Between Adrian’s enthusiastic “soccer mom” cheering to Rob’s claim to runners that he had vodka tonics and mimosas (instead of water), they had me laughing so hard that I cried.

What was your first race ever? And your favorite race?

My first race was a 5K somewhere in Virginia back in 2012 or 2013. My favorite race would have to be my first DC Front Runner Pride Run. The cheerleaders and energy of the runners was amazing!

What are your non-running hobbies?

Spoiler alert: it’s not exciting. I love learning new things. I’m always reading articles, listening to podcasts, learning something that I can use to do my work easier, or better, or faster. I also have a lot of interests in other subject and research so much of them that I’ve been able to provide low-cost or pro bono consulting to former colleagues and small organizations.