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Member Profile – Richard Isaacs

Preferred Name: Richard
Profession: Editor
Education: Communications BA, University of Kentucky
Member Since: 2004
Favorite Route: Oddly enough, the Tidal Basin…although to this day, I still don’t know how to get back from there. That’s what makes it an adventure. One time when Rich Eckhart was new to the group, I assured him that, while I didn’t know exactly how to get back, we would get there.
Bet You Didn’t Know: That I’m geeky enough to admit that I once went to a “Dark Shadows” convention!

Meet Richard Isaacs

Why did you join the DC Front Runners? I was a Frontrunner in Louisville (hometown of my heart)…and met my partner, David, at a Cincinnati Frontrunner party (he also ran with the San Francisco and Columbus Frontrunners). So it was only natural that when we relocated here, we would join DCFR. We’ve found with all the Frontrunner groups, you get a good mix of nice people.

Why is the DC Front Runners important to you? While I’ve enjoyed participating in the circuit races, doing marathons almost yearly, Ragnar team races, and being encouraged to improve my running skills, the most important is the friendships that evolved out of DCFR. Long after my running days are over, I won’t look back on every run or race I ever did…but I will look back on every friend I made through DCFR…and I’ll smile.